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{"id":null,"first_name":null,"last_name":null,"image":null,"description_full":"","date_of_birth":"Sunday, December 8, 2019","date_of_death":"Sunday, December 8, 2019","date_of_funeral":"Sunday, December 8, 2019","comments":"[{\"id\":\"11423\",\"name\":\"Jean Pender\",\"content\":\"I am so sorry I can't be there for you, my thoughts and prayers will be with you, Dillion, Josh and Morgan. I know you miss him a lot, Love you.\",\"image\":\"\",\"date\":\"Thursday, 18 April 2019\"},{\"id\":\"11485\",\"name\":\"Dolly, Sister, Joyce and Brenda \",\"content\":\"We send our condolences.\",\"image\":\"\",\"date\":\"Tuesday, 28 May 2019\"},{\"id\":\"11499\",\"name\":\"Barry and Janice Smith\",\"content\":\"Carla, we are so sorry to have read about your Dad's passing. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Love you.......\",\"image\":\"\",\"date\":\"Thursday, 06 June 2019\"},{\"id\":\"11500\",\"name\":\"Daniel Bradley \",\"content\":\"I've known Bobby for about the last 15 years. I always considered him a part of my immediate family and I loved him dearly. I will miss him and I will miss our lively, spirited and usually colorful discussions! I think that I \\\"got\\\" Bobby and I think that Bobby \\\"got\\\" me. He said we were \\\"aces\\\" no matter what and I felt the same way about him. I have been blessed to be a part of the Davis family and I am so grateful that I had the privilege and opportunity to get to know Bobby when he became a part of the Davis family. I will miss him and he will be missed by this family.\",\"image\":\"\",\"date\":\"Thursday, 06 June 2019\"},{\"id\":\"11502\",\"name\":\"Betty(Clayton) Thomas\",\"content\":\"Sorry for family loss. Sick and could not attend, thoughts and prayers for each.\",\"image\":\"\",\"date\":\"Thursday, 06 June 2019\"},{\"id\":\"11521\",\"name\":\"Andy & Tami Watson\",\"content\":\"We're so sorry to hear of your mother's loss. We will pray for loving comfort from our Heavenly Father.\",\"image\":\"\",\"date\":\"Monday, 10 June 2019\"},{\"id\":\"11522\",\"name\":\"Allen & Amy Redding \",\"content\":\"My sincerest condolences to your family at this time of loss.\",\"image\":\"\",\"date\":\"Tuesday, 11 June 2019\"},{\"id\":\"11524\",\"name\":\"June Hundley Calloway\",\"content\":\"So sorry to hear of Patricia's passing. I always enjoyed seeing her at church when we visited my parents in Slocomb. She will be missed.\",\"image\":\"\",\"date\":\"Tuesday, 11 June 2019\"},{\"id\":\"11525\",\"name\":\"Lisa Sconiers\",\"content\":\"So sorry to hear this news. To my classmate Jamie you have my sincere condolences.\",\"image\":\"\",\"date\":\"Tuesday, 11 June 2019\"},{\"id\":\"11655\",\"name\":\"Linda Butts\",\"content\":\"To Wanda and family...
\\r\\nMy d\\u00e9epest sympathy for this loss. Will be missed by many.\",\"image\":\"\",\"date\":\"Tuesday, 13 August 2019\"},{\"id\":\"11708\",\"name\":\"Candi James\",\"content\":\"So very sorry your lose he was a nice person. Praying for the family.God be with you all.\",\"image\":\"\",\"date\":\"Thursday, 05 September 2019\"},{\"id\":\"11715\",\"name\":\"Jennifer Fulford\",\"content\":\"So sorry for ur loss my thoughts and prayers are with u.\",\"image\":\"\",\"date\":\"Friday, 06 September 2019\"},{\"id\":\"11788\",\"name\":\"Rev Johnny Belcher\",\"content\":\"Linda and family members. Mae and I express our love and prayerful support for all during Jerry\\u2019s passing. Jerry was a special Brother in Christ. We watched him grow in his faith in the Lord over several years. This will always be special to us. Sorry, we are unable to be with you\\u2019ll during this time. Medical issues would not permit. We love you\\u2019ll.\",\"image\":\"\",\"date\":\"Friday, 27 September 2019\"},{\"id\":\"12928\",\"name\":\"Kim Parrish\",\"content\":\"When I think of Brady I think of his beautiful smile. He was always happy and made happiness contagious to those around him. Praying for peace that only our Lord can provide. Love to you all.\",\"image\":\"\",\"date\":\"Friday, 29 November 2019\"},{\"id\":\"12931\",\"name\":\"Mark Jonathan Bedsole\",\"content\":\"I am so sorry I have prayed and will keep doing\",\"image\":\"\",\"date\":\"Friday, 29 November 2019\"}]","candles":{"images":["Hope.gif","Love.gif","Peace.gif","Serinity.gif"]}}